Kelowna Volley League

Introducing Volley League!

We are SO excited to announce our newest addition to the Genesis Athletics Club family - Volley League! This house program was developed for two reasons. First, because we wanted to make space for more kids to play volleyball. Second, to create a less formal environment to reduce stress and allow kids to make mistakes without the pressure of failing (because of course, that's how we all learn!). And most of all, we want volleyball to be fun.

Volley League can be done on its own, or in compliment to our NextGen Training Sessions and Club Volleyball Teams.

Volley League Includes:
  • 8 Week Season from April 5 - May 25 (will resume in new season after Spring Break).

  • 1.5 Hr (Grade 6/7 & 8/9) sessions at Rutland Middle School with plenty of seating for parents / fans.

  • Sessions are Saturday from 10:30AM-12:00PM (Grade 6/7), and 12:00-1:30PM (Grade 8/9).

  • Experienced coaches leading skill development sessions.

  • 4v4 and 6v6 format for Grade 6/7 & 8/9 kids, based on skill to encourage more rallies!

  • Pool format that allows for parity of play and success, but also pushing even the most skilled players to grow.

  • 1x Genesis Practice Shirt & 1x Volley League Team Shirt.

  • Each division within each age group will have a championship title with t-shirt prizes!

  • Does not include mandatory Volleyball BC insurance ($14), which can be purchased here.

Why Volley League?

In comparison to many team sports, volleyball in Canada is an anomaly. While nearly every child has a stint playing TimBits soccer or hockey, very few kids start playing volleyball before it is introduced in school in Grade 6-8. Even if players make some of the few club teams in the city, the most time is spent practicing, and when it comes time to play games can leave kids with performance anxiety!

Volleyball is a sport with a high skill cap, and it makes sense to focus on these early. Bet even when organizations have options for younger players (like our NextGen Training sessions) it is hard to get kids playing volleyball. Most time is spent on practicing skills, which while productive, is boring!

Volley League is designed to get kids the "most touches possible" - both out of game (control drills) and in game (4v4 matches). This borrows from the successful basketball 3v3 model. Learning how to get the feel for volleyball and develop a well-rounded approach to the game is what allows for better psycho-social skills and can overcome physical constraints.

How It Works:

After an initial week of fun practice where coaches can assess skills, players will be divided into teams of 6-8 players, each team receiving a different coloured jersey shirt.

Each practice starts off with 30 min of skill development - high rep drills in the Japanese model that has proved so successful throughout the years. Then, teams will play short (15 min) games against different teams (we are expecting to have 8 mini teams).

The emphasis is on learning the critical skills of volleyball in a fun and inclusive atmosphere. So what are you waiting for? As the young people say, GAME ON!